30 young people got a chance for a free Entrepreneurship Academy: Future entrepreneurs learn from the best!

27. 02. 2023.

In the Hotel Kragujevac, in Kragujevac, 22. In February, the Entrepreneurship Academy will start in the organization of the Academy for the Affirmation of Culture, and under the auspices of the NCR Foundation, as part of the Digital Economy for Balanced and Resilient Economic Development project.

Accelerator, the first segment of the Academy of Entrepreneurship, which is designed in the format of a five-day seminar with full-day, intensive lectures and parts intended for the analysis and evaluation of performance, will teach the participants the basics of entrepreneurship in the legal, administrative and financial framework, and in particular, topics that are key to defining a business idea and making initial decisions. Through education on the topics of market research and product launch, participants will acquire fundamental knowledge, as well as the first real feeling for evaluating and validating their own ideas. Validation of the business idea and concept is a key strategy that determines the path to success at the very start.

Marketing with a focus on digital communication, online positioning and sales, as well as the overall strategy for achieving goals through digital media and tools, forms the core of the Accelerator’s education, given that the modern business arena is largely located online. How to get funds for financing business ventures, how to write and conceptualize project documentation before that and where to apply for support funds? These are all questions to which answers are revealed through participation in this seminar. pointed out Balanch from the Association for the Affirmation of Culture.

A two-month period for the implementation of acquired knowledge follows the Accelerator, then a Master seminar with an additional period for knowledge application, and the Academy will be closed with a final event, where the best participants will present their business ideas in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

The goal of this project is to encourage economic development through empowering youth, motivating the entrepreneurial spirit, unleashing potential and innovation, as well as developing knowledge, skills and forms of competitive use of digital tools and modern business ideas. So that the youth, who have phenomenal ideas and great potential, realize it in full glory. Because our young people deserve it. Also, the best can get in touch with potential investors- Balanch said.

The Entrepreneurship Academy is a project created for young people who want to start, create or improve their business or idea, and want to learn from the best, it is being implemented for the third year in a row. It is expected that this Academy will have a positive impact on all participants, as well as on the wider social and economic framework.



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