Academy of Entrepreneurship – Contest

30. 12. 2022.

Young people in Serbia have the opportunity to learn the basics of entrepreneurship completely free of charge, thanks to the project called “Entrepreneurship Academy”, which the Association for the Affirmation of Culture implements under the auspices of the NCR Foundation. It is intended for all young people throughout Serbia who want to start or improve their business or idea, while learning from the best.

Application for the competition for the third generation of the “Entrepreneurship Academy” is ongoing and will last until May 5. February 2023 years. Selected individuals or teams, consisting of 3 members, will go through a four-month intensive program.

– It is a completely free program in which selected young people work on developing their entrepreneurial idea and business plan. So, we will help them to take the plunge and start their business. Also, the best can get in touch with potential investors – say the Association for the Affirmation of Culture.

They add that the goal of this project is to encourage economic development through empowering the youth, motivating the entrepreneurial spirit, unleashing potential and innovation, as well as developing knowledge, skills and forms of competitive use of digital tools and modern business ideas.

– I would recommend everyone to apply, even if they don’t have a clear business idea. Mentors are there to help in the formation of an idea, to separate the essential from the unimportant. Then there are great, professional lecturers on topics I didn’t know I needed. And wonderful colleagues, companions, who are in the same sauce, new acquaintances and contacts that are worth their weight in gold. Great, positive energy, lots of laughter, lots of support, ambition, the atmosphere just sweeps you away. You realize how important it is to surround yourself with people with the same world view, a vision of a better future, creative and brave young people who will surely change the world for the better –points out Teodora Delic, an alumna, who today successfully runs her business Leave the Sugar.

The path from an idea to creating your own business is long, full of challenges, unknowns, doubts and pitfalls. Most often, the fear of ignorance is the biggest obstacle to what we deeply believe in becoming our business. When you master the necessary skills, everything is easier, Teodora adds.

According to statistics from 2022. in 2021, 220 young people founded their own companies. immediately after coming of age, while the data for 2022. we are still waiting for a year.

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