Academy of Entrepreneurship

1. 12. 2023.

The Entrepreneurship Academy is a completely free program in which selected young people work on developing their entrepreneurial idea and business plan. The goal of this project is to encourage economic development through the empowerment of young people, the awakening of the entrepreneurial spirit, the release of potential and innovation, as well as the development of knowledge, skills and forms of competitive use of digital tools and modern business processes. We want young people to realize their phenomenal ideas and potential in full glory, and to give them the opportunity to get in touch with potential investors.”

Academy of Entrepreneurship 6. December 2023 opens a competition for the fourth generation in the course of which selected individuals or teams will go through a six-month intensive training program. 15 already. On December 15, an ” Open Day” event will be held in the ASK Center, where potential participants of the Academy will hear some of the lecturers live, but will also be able to get more information about the program itself.

All those interested can register, both for the competition for the Academy of Entrepreneurship and for participation in the ” Open day ” event, through the application form located on the front page of the website.