About the project

The Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship is a project created for young people who want to start, create or improve their business or idea, and want to learn from the best. It is a completely free educational program in which selected young people work on developing their entrepreneurial idea and business plan. The goal of this project is to encourage economic development in Serbia by empowering the youth, motivating the development of entrepreneurial spirit, unleashing potential and innovation, as well as summarizing knowledge and skills in the form of competitive use of digital tools and modern business models.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship 

AOP through the numbers

28 teams

46 participants

28 business ideas

3 months of education

Accelerator and Master seminar

Accelerator presents a five-day seminar that aims to provide participants with intensive lectures, connect groups and introduce them to a wider range of topics for elaboration. It consists of lectures, workshops, conversations with mentors and a “speed dating” exercise with potential investors.

After the Accelerator, all teams have an additional period of time to develop their idea and submit a detailed business plan, based on lectures and instructions acquired through education and mentoring. During this phase, participants have a series of webinars as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The master seminar is an event where selected teams deepen their knowledge and develop their business plan in detail through an additional series of webinars.

Closure ceremony

The closing ceremony was conceived as a one-day event for the best teams from the Accelerator and Master Seminar with the online presence of hundreds of young people and key actors of the startup community in Serbia.

The entire program is organized to achieve long-term impact, encourage young people to become entrepreneurs and encouraging cooperation between all actors present at our event. Teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts and investors, hoping to attract their interest in investing in their business proposal. By enabling young entrepreneurs to meet potential partners and investors, we work on their self-sustainability and increase the possibility of their success in the market.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship

About us

The Association for Affirmation of Culture, ASK, was created with the idea that by using the knowledge, contacts, but above all the enthusiasm of its founders, it has a positive effect on its local community, youth and the public as a whole. We at ASK are sure that the path to creating a fairer, healthier and better society for all is in solidarity and helping, in education and in the affirmation of all aspects of culture in people’s daily lives. We firmly believe that in the digital era in which people are alienated from each other, it is crucial to develop empathy both among young people and in the environment in general.

Although we do not limit our work and desire to positively influence society to areas of activity, our focus is on humanitarian work, education and youth activism and ecology, ie environmental protection. We achieve our goals with understanding and enthusiasm, in various ways such as humanitarian actions, projects, fundraising, but also consulting services and training that we hold for other organizations and associations and companies.

As our logo shows, we believe that the number of ways and possibilities to help and provide, to progress and to realize ideas together is unlimited. You can find out more about the organization and its activities at the following link.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship

Our team

Andrej Balanč

Executive Director

Andrej is the founder and CEO of ASK. Dedicated to details and believes that the beautiful word iron door opens. Balancing between “ideas” and the planet Earth, he is committed to achieving the long-term goals of the organization and the perfect implementation of projects. He likes to read and travel.

Filip Isailović

Director of Operations

Filip is the co-founder and director of operations at ASK. He is a lawyer by profession, and in ASK he is responsible for efficient and effective operations and proper management of human resources. He uses his skills and knowledge to change the world little by little, since he is a humanist and activist by conviction. In his free time, he is engaged in sports activities.

Maja Rubin

Senior operations manager

Maja is the Senior Operations Manager and is in charge of making our projects run flawlessly. She fills the team members with new ideas constantly, except when she is hungry and roaming. She has many years of experience in working on projects and is passionate about marketing. She likes to watch series and aspires to travel the whole world.

Igor Kecman

Project manager

Many years of experience in the fields of management and service provision, with a narrower focus on the fields of project development, standardization and event organization.

Constantly committed to maintaining sanity and good spirits.

Aleksandar Ostojić

Project coordinator

Aleksandar studies two faculties in parallel, law and political science. He has gained previous work experience in several non-governmental organizations and in the office of the Prime Minister of Serbia. In his spare time he likes to travel, sleep and enjoy all forms of culture and non-culture.

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