About the project

The Youth Entrepreneurship Academy 2.0 is a second-generation project designed for young people who want to start, create or improve their business or idea, and want to learn from the best. It is a completely free educational program in which selected young people work on the development of their entrepreneurial idea and business plan. More than 70 young people applied for the competition for the AOP 2.0 program, and information about the competition reached over 50,000 young people. 14 teams were selected, that is, a total of 23 participants aged 18 to 30, who are the bearers of innovative youth business ideas.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship 2020

Through numbers

14 Teams

23 Participants

14 business ideas

3 months of education

Accelerator and Master seminar

Selected teams participated in the online Accelerator from 3. up to 10. of September 2020 years . Here, participants went through an intensive training program that consisted of lectures, workshops, conversations with mentors and speed dating exercises with potential investors.

After Accelerator, all teams had an additional period of time to develop their idea and submit a detailed business plan, based on lectures and instructions gained through education and mentoring. During this phase, participants had a series of webinars, as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills.

The Master seminar followed from the 16. to the 18. of October 2020 year on Fruška Gora, where the selected teams deepened the acquired knowledge and thus developed their business plan in detail through an additional series of webinars. Out of 14 teams, seven of the best were selected, based on business plans, who presented their work to the expert commission at the closing ceremony in Belgrade.

Closure ceremony

The closing ceremony was conceived as a one-day event for the seven best teams from the Accelerator and Master Seminars, with the online presence of hundreds of members of the young and key actors of the startup community in Serbia.

The entire program is organized to achieve long-term impact, encourage young people to become entrepreneurs and encouraging cooperation between all actors present at our event. The teams had the opportunity to present their ideas to an expert jury and investors, hoping to attract their interest in investing in their business proposal. By enabling young entrepreneurs to meet potential partners and investors, we work on their self-sustainability and increase the possibility of their success in the market.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship

About us

The Association for Affirmation of Culture, ASK, was created with the idea that by using the knowledge, contacts, but above all the enthusiasm of its founders, it has a positive effect on its local community, youth and the public as a whole. We at ASK are sure that the path to creating a fairer, healthier and better society for all is in solidarity and helping, in education and in the affirmation of all aspects of culture in people’s daily lives. We firmly believe that in the digital era in which people are alienated from each other, it is crucial to develop empathy both among young people and in the environment in general.

Although we do not limit our work and desire to positively influence society to areas of activity, our focus is on humanitarian work, education and youth activism and ecology, ie environmental protection. We achieve our goals with understanding and enthusiasm, in various ways such as humanitarian actions, projects, fundraising, but also consulting services and training that we hold for other organizations and associations and companies.

As our logo shows, we believe that the number of ways and possibilities to help and provide, to progress and to realize ideas together is unlimited. You can find out more about the organization and its activities at the following link.

Academy of Youth Entrepreneurship

Our team

Andrej Balanč

Executive Director

Andrej is the founder and CEO of ASK. Dedicated to details and believes that the beautiful word iron door opens. Balancing between “ideas” and the planet Earth, he is committed to achieving the long-term goals of the organization and the perfect implementation of projects. He likes to read and travel.

Jovana Bulatović

Project assistant

Jovana is a second year student at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. In everything she does, she is persistent, thorough and strives for perfectionism. He tries to learn something new every day and work on himself. He always sees good in people.

Strahinja Radovanovic

Project coordinator

Strahinja is a student at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and the project coordinator of ASK. He is a workaholic who wants to change the world around him. He is convinced that everything can be achieved with hard work and that this is the key to any success.

Jelena Dadić

Project coordinator

Jelena graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, and is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Belgrade on security. She realizes her passion for civic and youth activism through his engagement in the civil sector. On the project, she mostly takes into account the orders on social networks and communication activities at the Academy.

Luka Radoičić

Event coordinator

Luka is a first year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Eternal is an optimist, because he believes that every problem can be solved. His life’s desire is to try and experience as many different activities as possible.

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